Facts And Health Benefits Of Afghani Mamra Almonds/Badam

Facts And Health Benefits Of Afghani Mamra Almonds/Badam

Afghani Mamra Almonds are rich in nutrients. They improve your brain health. It also offers insulin sensitivity improvement to regulate diabetes. You can have a healthy heart and manage your weight with a regular diet of almonds. 

Afghani Mamra Almonds Nutrition facts (1 Ounce or 28 grams):


2682 kJ (163 kcal)


12 grams


10 mg


2 grams




12 grams


11 grams

Adding 28 grams of Mamra almond to your diet can bring huge health benefits to your daily life. It will also give you a portion of recommended diet nutrition. Let's see how much it is:

  • Up to 30% Calcium
  • Up to 10% Vitamin A
  • Up to 5% Sodium
  • Up to 4% Carbohydrate

Health benefits of Mamra Almonds:

Mamra Almonds are high in calcium. So, they are also considered bone-building dry fruit. Having 1-ounce almond will give you calcium equivalent to 1/4 cup of whole milk. It also has loads of phosphorus that makes your bone strong & healthy. Due to these properties, a daily almond diet will reduce the risk of bone fractures. 

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